Binge-Watch Your Favorite TV Show, And Make It A Party!

For a fresh spin on the usual gatherings or get-togethers, plan a TV binge-marathon. Invite family, friends, and fans of your favorite show over for a night of binge-watching several episodes, or seasons, of a popular program. Whether you and your cohorts are fans of the Real Housewives, or if you are more of a Walking Dead type viewer, a marathon TV party is fun way to socialize and celebrate any time of the year.

Rent inexpensive audio-visual equipment from a company like Center Stage AV Event Planning to turn your TV set into a theater that will accommodate all of your friends and guests, and keep the following party elements in mind:

The show.

Choosing the show is important because it sets the theme for the entire gathering. You will never be able to pick a program that everyone in your social circle enjoys watching, so pick something popular, trending, or that is a widely acclaimed series. Some good choices might include 'Sons of Anarchy', 'The Office', or 'Glee'. Plan on a few hours of viewing and pre-set your digital recorder or download your episodes early to avoid having the hassle when your guests arrive. 

The décor.

To really put everyone in the party mood, you will need some decorations. You can order your decorations online for the widest selection, and to find something that is perfectly suited to your TV show and the theme of your party. Some great ideas include cake toppers, pinatas, paper goods, and party favors.

The refreshments.

Have fun with the food that you serve as your party. If the gathering has a zombie theme, put a fun spin on meatballs by creating little eyes out of olives to garnish them with when served. Be sure to offer a signature cocktail or beverage, but also offer a non-alcoholic option for designated drivers or teetotalers.

The guests.

When you are inviting guests for a binge-marathon of your TV show, the number of participants should be contingent on your seating. Do you have comfortable spots for all of your friends to sit? While you can rent additional seating, chairs, or even sofas, you may want to keep the event small and plan on inviting anyone that was left out to the next TV party.

Any time is a great time for a TV viewing party. Plan ahead to order your decorations online and compile your viewing material for the event. Start configuring your guest list, and sending out e-vites for your own binge-watching TV marathon soon!