Are You Planning A Summer Teambuilding Corporate Event?

Do you own your own business? Maybe you are the general manager of your company, or it could be that you are the right-hand person for the executive in charge of an upcoming team building corporate event. No matter your title, perhaps you already have the entire event planned. If so, you certainly won't need to read another word.

On the other hand, maybe you are still in the planning stages. If that's the case, from putting out the word of the upcoming event to planning fun team building activities, here are some ideas that might help you.

Put Out The Word

As soon as you know all of the specifics regarding the team building event, make sure that all employees have that information. After all, the more who attend the event, the more successful it will be, won't it? Of course, you could text or email the information. However, wouldn't it be more effective for each team participant to receive a personal invitation? Part of the information might include a special prize for the team who shows up with the most participants.

Is there a theme to your fun team building activity? For example, maybe the theme is something like, "Always Go The Extra Mile!" In that case, the invitation could show a map with an arrow going to wonderful destinations. Maybe the theme is, "Every Individual Makes A Difference." In that case, you could include a puzzle piece inside the envelope, indicating that every piece of a puzzle needs to be added to complete the puzzle. 

Plan Fun Activities

Will your corporate event take place outdoors, say at a park in your area? If so, obviously you'll plan outdoor activities. Assign each team a different color and match events to that particular color. For example, have different-colored flags at the end of a relay race. The team that brings back its flag will, of course, be the winner of that event. Even an old-fashioned tug-of-war can have a color as part of the fun. For example, the team that wins the tug-of-war still has to jump a hurdle to retrieve the team's colored flagged to bring it to a home base.

If the event is held inside, think of fun team building activities that require each person on the team to complete tasks. For example, one part of the indoor event would be for a team to create a structure out of wooden blocks. Have a judge who will select the most creative structure. Or, have an indoor scavenger hunt. For example, teams have to find things like a decorative teacup that has been hidden among the regular disposable beverage cups. 

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