How To Plan The Entertainment For Your New Year’s Eve Party

If you're hosting a New Year's Eve party, it's not a bit too early to plan it. Besides making your guest list and sending out invitations, you'll need to plan for food and you'll need to buy things like party hats and noise makers. If you are having the celebration at home, at least your Christmas decorations will add to the festivity of the night. Another thing to factor in is what the entertainment will be for your guests. Read More 

Five Tips On Applying Lubricant To Your Foosball Table Parts

Lubricating is one of the maintenance tasks that is necessary to keep a foosball table in good shape and maximize its lifespan. Over time, friction may develop over the rods and bearings on a foosball table. This will slow down play and becoming increasingly problematic until lubricant is applied. The following are five tips that will ensure that your lubricant applications are as effective as possible:  Clean before lubricating You should always clean off rods before you apply lubricant. Read More 

2 Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ

A professional DJ is a great way to provide entertainment for any number of events, such as a wedding, birthday, or even just a normal party. You will want to hire a professional DJ if you want a party entertainer that is flexible and has professional-grade equipment. Flexible One of the biggest reasons to consider hiring a DJ for your event is that he or she is going to be very flexible when it comes to how he or she performs. Read More 

Binge-Watch Your Favorite TV Show, And Make It A Party!

For a fresh spin on the usual gatherings or get-togethers, plan a TV binge-marathon. Invite family, friends, and fans of your favorite show over for a night of binge-watching several episodes, or seasons, of a popular program. Whether you and your cohorts are fans of the Real Housewives, or if you are more of a Walking Dead type viewer, a marathon TV party is fun way to socialize and celebrate any time of the year. Read More